Paris, France,

July, 2nd -3rd 2007



IMAGING- Theoretical Training meeting Venice 2007

In the framework of this project, workshops and theoretical training will address the major challenges of this fundamental research in terms of research hypotheses and technological tools.

These events are currently being organised. Please send back the contact form if you wish to be informed.


IMAGING Theoretical Training meeting, Venice , June, 16th to 22nd

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Theoretical Training meeting Venice 2007: from Sat 16th June to Fri 22nd June

Advances in light, force and electron microscopy and the development of advanced chemical and genetic probes offer exciting opportunities for investigating mechanisms of hearing at the cellular and subcellular levels. EuroHear’s 2007 theoretical training course on imaging will allow participants to gather comprehensive knowledge on physical background, technological implementations and applications with emphasis on light microscopy and applications in hearing research. The participants will learn about the principles of light, force and electron microscopy as well as the properties and use of different fluorescent and non-fluorescent probes for microscopy. We will introduce and discuss the commonly used detectors and modes of illumination and detection. Finally, image analysis will be treated.

Jonathan Ashmore

University College London

Enzo Di Fabrizio

University "Magna Graecia" BIONEM Lab and National laboratory TASC-INFM Trieste

Alexander Egner

Max Plank Institute of Biophysical Chemistry

Jonathon Howard

Max Plank Institute of Molecular cell Biology, Dresden

Cornelius Kros

University of Sussex

Fabio Mammano

University of Padova

Tobias Moser

University of Goettingen

Martin Oheim

Univesite Paris 5 René Descartes

Tullio Pozzan

University of Padova

Pierre Vincent

Univesite Pierre et Marie Curie

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