Coordinating Institute: INSERM
Advisory Board
Scientific Coordinator: Prof Christine Petit
Scientific Co Coordinator: Prof Karen Avraham
WP1 Leader: Prof Christian Kubisch Genes for Hearing Impairment in Humans
WP2 Leader: Prof Karen Avraham Genes for Hearing Impairment in mice
WP3 Leader: Dr Guy Richardson The hair bundle: mechanisms underlying its development and functioning
WP4 Leader: Dr Tobias Moser Understanding the basic molecular mechanisms underlying the physiology of Inner Hair Cell ribbon synapses and Outer Hair Cell electromotility
WP5 Leader: Dr  Fabio Mammano Potassium homeostasis in the inner ear: contribution of ion channels, ion transporters and gap junction channels
WP6 Leader: Prof Stephen Brown Technological standardisation, implementation and development
WP7 Leader: Prof Mats Ulfendahl Development of new preventive and therapeutic tools
WP8 Leader: Dr Corné Kros Multidisciplinary training to understand mechanosensation by the inner ear
WP9 Leader: Dr Isabelle Geahel Management and Dissemination activities